Another classic "White Lady" ghost legend...


Wakehurst Parkway is a main roadway near Frenchs Forest located approximately 26 kilometres from the heart of Sydney NSW Australia. A notorious stretch of road known for its many fatal crashes and eerie atmosphere. Not only is the area creepy after dark but the road also has dark history as a dumping ground for bodies of Sydney murder victims.

For many years stories of a classic “Lady in White” ghost has been witnessed along the road near where Wakehurst Parkway meets Warringah Road.

The legend speaks of the ghost of a girl named “Kelly” who is reported to mysteriously appear in people vehicles whilst travelling late at night, especially after midnight. Legend says that if you do not inform the girl that her presence is not wanted, she telekinetically makes your car veer off the road and crash.

Other legends speak of a girl in a white dress that appears on the Middle Creek Bridge where unsuspecting drivers plough right through her. She apparently appears after you cross Warringah road whilst travelling north as you go down the large hill towards Oxford falls.

Other stories talk about a car, bike, or a horse and cart that it witnessed travelling quickly along the road and a spectral body is seen lying on the side of the road which then disappears…


Ghostly Nun

According to Hla Oo's Blog

One Friday night shift in year 2001 Hla Oo a Sydney Taxi driver took a fare in this area, after stopping at traffic lights he felt a presence get in the back seat of his cab… 

“There was a grey silhouette of thin young woman in the mirror, apparently sitting on the middle of the rear seat and sort of staring straight back at me. She was in a kind of white gown and head-dress like a Christian nun. I couldn’t really see her face clearly, just the shape of her face and her deep green eyes, yes the sad green eyes, but she was definitely real and sitting there and staring back at me at that precise moment. I slammed the brake hard!

Old Falcon shook violently on her four re-tread wheels, dangerously veered off to the left, skidded noisily on the gravel-covered shoulder, and came to a sudden screeching stop just before a big gum tree. When I looked into the mirror again, she was gone, vanished into the cold thin air instantly filled with that familiar smell of burning rubbers and overheating brake pads. I turned my head around and saw no one in the back of my cab.”

My chest was pounding fast with my heart almost in my throat as the blood rushed into my head. Now I had prickly goosebumps all over my body reminding me of our belief back home. Folks back home believe that anyone who died of violent deaths were turned into the wandering spirits stuck forever in the purgatory and you will feel their presence nearby by having goosebumps all over your body.”

“That night was the last time I ever drove alone on the Wakehurst Parkway.”

What is interesting about the ghostly nun account is that there used to be a large compound for the Christian City Church located nearby… Coincidence maybe? 

A documentary of the Wakehurst Parkway Ghost is currently in post-production at the time of writing. Bianca Biasi producer and co-director of “The Parkway Hauntings” describes the area as “Terrifying”. 

The documentary film takes believers and sceptics to the area with a spiritual ­medium to investigate reports of paranormal activity in the area.

Before long, believers and sceptics alike are falling ill and vomiting, sensing presences and refusing to return to the site.

“The White Lady Ghost” is an international phenomenon with reports of similar events and circumstances found all around the world see also Jenny Dixon Beach Ghost.



Hla Oo's Blog: Dark Parkway