Newcastle and the Hunter's Most Haunted Places

Newcastle, Australia's second-oldest settlement and sixth-largest city with just over half a million people, Newcastle and the Hunter was built on the back of Coal Mining and Convict labour.

Christchurch Cathedral Newcastle - NSW and "Ghosts"

Civic Theatre - Newcastle, The reputed home of a lonely man from the inter-war years looking for his missing girlfriend.

Newcastle Repertory Theatre - Lambton, is supposed to be haunted by several ghosts the most famous is that of a spirit named Kambrook.

ABC radio studios- Newcastle, Three ghosts are supposed to be in residence at the studio.

The Star Hotel - Newcastle, upstairs, The ghost of a cleaning lady has been seen in the upstairs offices.

Newcastle Train Station - A ghost of a man is reported to walk to and from the train station to Newcastle hospital.

Maitland Gaol - East Maitland - many tormented souls are said to still haunted this historic Gaol. Among them a Satanic-worshipping man that committed suicide, an Aboriginal man stabbed to death and the ghost of the last man hung at the gaol in the 1890's. Maitland Gaol has the worldwide reputation of being Australia's most haunted site!

Raymond Terrace Masonic centre - Several Ghosts still haunt this Historic building constructed in 1850.

Lochinvar - St. Josephs Campus - screams are said to be heard in some of the old dormitories.

Raymond Terrace - Historic King Street - Most of the historic houses in this street built in the late 1800's have resident ghosts in them. This street was used extensively in the film "Tomorrow When the War Began".

Morpeth Cemetery and main street - Ghost in period clothing seen in main street. EVPs recorded in cemetery.

Raymond Terrace Pioneer Hill cemetery - Presence felt at bottom of the hill near the fence line. People being touched by unseen hands and EVP's recorded.

Tanilba House, - Tanilba bay - The ghost of Governess Elizabeth Gray is said to still haunt the premises.

Lochinvar Holy Trinity Church - EVPs recorded and physical touching reported.

Kurri Kurri - Richmond Vale Rail & Mining Museum, various strong paranormal activity has been reported here. Including physical manipulation of Locomotives.

Morisset train station, at night is haunted by a male spirit who walks the platform late at night seen by many witnesses who repudedly took his life by throwing himself in front of a train.

Wallsend Terminus - Wallsend, Reputedly haunted by the ghost of a tram driver killed in a tragic streetcar accident on the 22-Jan 1928 Known as Alf McVie or "Hellfire Jack" a mad Christian crusader who's spirit continues to preach from the other side.

Fort Scratchley - Newcastle - The underground tunnels of Australia's only fort to fire at an enemy in aggression are said to be haunted by former soldiers from the early 20th Century.

Newcastle Christ Church Cathedral - Newcastle (bell tower) More information needed.

James Fletcher Hospital - Many of the James Fletcher buildings used to be part of the original Newcastle Military Barracks, apparitions of redcoat soldiers have been seen in some of the buildings and on the parade ground.

Glenrock Lagoon - The ruins of the old colliery are said to be haunted by a convict who fell to his death off a cliff face while collecting water for his billy. When his body was found, the head was missing and according to folklore, the miner’s ghost still roams the region in search of his lost head.

Tomago House - Ghosts of the original owners and servants are rumoured to still haunt this colonial home.

Hunter Region Botanic Gardens - A young aboriginal girl had been raped and murdered by a group of soldiers on the Windeyer's property in the 1800's and she is known to make her presence felt at the back of the gardens.

No 4 Parnell Place Newcastle - Is reputedly haunted after a murder taking place on the premises. 

Lake Cinema, Boolaroo - Previous owner still haunts the theatre in the backstage area.

West Wallsend Historic Cemetery - Many paranormal experiences have been reported here including stones being thrown at ghost hunters, EVP's recorded and the ghost of "Frank" has been described by a spirit medium. 

Glebe Gully Cemetery East Maitland - One of the oldest regional cemeteries in the country the ghost of a woman carrying a lamp has been witnessed at the back of the cemetery. 

Morpeth Queens Wharf - The ghost of a headless railway worker has been witnessed near the river where the Morpeth line used to run. The man was apparently decapitated in a shunting accident. 



If anyone has any more information on haunted houses of ghostly locations in the Newcastle Hunter area we'd love to hear from you!