Do Yowies still roam Yahoo Island?

In the 19th century Yowies were popularly referred to as "Yahoo's" - the term "Yowie" started to appear in Newspapers of the 1970's. 

This Story below is what sparked my adult interest in the Yowie Phenomena:

A FRIGHTENING HAIRY GIANT According to the quarterly bulletin of the Sutherland Historical Society, a Captain Collin and hand Massey came to the port to also gather shell in 1856, when they were approached by the Gogerly lads who told them of a giant hairy man in the area called "Yahoo" in an attempt to scare these intruders, for the boys considered the shell of Port Hacking as their preserve. We wonder if the seeds of stories of the "Yowie" were not sown or given strength by the Gogerly's and their talk of a "Yahoo". Stories of the "Yowie" (the Australian equivalent of the "Abominable Snowman" of the Himalayas or "Bigfoot" of the USA) persist today in many parts of the country. It is probably no coincidence that an island in the Wallis Lake, not far from where John Gogerly later settled, bears the name "Yahoo Island".


Picture of Yahoo Island from Green Point in 2006.