Dean Harrison's Australian Yowie Research - Australia wide!

The only research group dedicated to the study and search of Australia's bigfoot - The Yowie. 

Headed up by Dean Harrison. Yowie Hunters are the only investigation team that specialise in the search for truth of the hairy man in Australia!



One of our aims is to as best as possible, 'debunk' or authenticate reports of paranormal phenomena.

We specialise in private cases and are 100% committed to finding our clients answers.

We aim to portray the world of the paranormal as professionally as possible.

We are committed to education. We want to share our reports, theories and discoveries as best we can through workshops, conferences and other forms of media.


We are a group of like minded people based in Sydney Australia, who are intrigued by the unexplained paranormal phenomenon, eager to further our knowledge and gain answers to the questions we all have about the 'Afterlife'.

Our aim is to use our knowledge, experience, equipment and research to help anyone that may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or place of business.




Victorian Phantom Hunters is a paranormal investigation team located in Victoria Australia. We investigate the paranormal very seriously using scientific equipment and a diverse team of experienced and trainee investigators. Victorian Phantom Hunters works alongside some other great teams including Investigating for Lantern Ghost Tours. 

Troy Williams is the founder and lead researcher and after some personal experiences that left many unanswered questions earlier on in life started reading and studying the Paranormal, in 2005 Troy formed Victorian Phantom Hunters and after a decade of continual research and investigating we are dedicated to helping people who are going through difficulties with any kind of paranormal problems specialising in personal cases and Homes. 

We are all continually learning and growing in the field and will work with any team supporting paranormal unity. Victorian Phantom Hunters do not charge for anything including investigations, advice, referrals.


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Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Hunter Area.


Lakes Investigations of Paranormal Suggestion (LIPS) was co-founded by husband and wife team Nathan and Fay Johnson in 2010. As a husband and wife team, we have established our paranormal team as an extension of our own family. The LIPS team consists of 5 of the Johnson family and 5 of our adopted members. Our dedication and commitment to each other is what we believe sets us apart from others in the field. Many teams in the paranormal field tend to remain very detached and keep clients at arms length but we believe that sensitivity and understanding our clients helps us to work more effectively to unravel the problems that may surround them.

As co-founder and lead investigator I (Nathan Johnson) strive to find a balance between the scientific and the spiritual realm to provide answers for our clients. I have been actively involved in the paranormal field for over 5 years and I have been involved with many cases both in Australia and overseas. I have studied psychology at Newcastle University on and off for many years and although I have not yet attained a bachelors degree I have been trained to utilize scientific stratagem which I bring with me on any case that I am involved with. Armed with the scientific approach, my own psychic sensitivity and my extensive experience I am well equipped to investigate paranormal phenomenon.

Similarly, co-founder, treasurer, and secretary of LIPS, Fay Johnson brings her extensive experience of over 5 years and her empathic psychic sensitivity to the LIPS family. Fays career in accounting has trained her to be extremely efficient and dogmatic and she brings these traits with her to every investigation as well as her motherly nurturing manner.

Together, Fay and I have built the LIPS family to be what it is today. Our philosophy within the paranormal field is above all else to help those who need our help – whether the ones needing our help are alive or indeed passed-on. We do not charge for investigations but we do invite those who we perform investigations for, to make an obligation-free donation to cover costs of fuel – gear etc. We have state of the art equipment at our fingertips but we prefer to keep investigating as simple as we possibly can as we believe this is the best way we can offer you, the client the very best results.


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